Whilst I take my time to write a bit more about myself why not take a look at some of the brands/clients and technologies that I've worked with in the past?


DIT - UK government - Department for International Trade
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
Sky - BSkyB, satellite television and broadband provider
Cisco - Computer network solutions provider
BT - British Telecom; mobile, PSTB, televison and broadband internet provider
CondeNast - International magazine publisher
Škoda Auto - Car manufacturer
KIA Motors - Car manufacturer
Vogue - High-end fashion and style magazine
Glamour - Gossip, fashion, trends hair and beauty magazine
Tribal DDB Worldwide - International advertising agency
Reading Room - Digital consultancy in London, UK
Falabella Chile - South American department store
Wired - Technology magazine
Chelsea Apps - Enterprise mobile apps agency
VCCP - Advertisong and marketing agency
Gyro - Digital agency
MobStuff - Mobile content provider
MobBill - Mobile billing provider
MobAds - Mobile ad network
Grapple Mobile - Mobile app agency (now Monetise Create)
Oregan Networks - TV solutions provider
BBC School Radio - Educational radio programmes in the UK
Pantherella - Makers of fine English, hand-finished socks
Moo Print - Print innovator. Customised gift cards and NFC business cards


Below is a list of some of the different technologies (both client-side and server-side) I've used on projects.


JavaScript - Browser implementation of EcmaScript
ReactJS - Reactive view rendering library
Babel - JavaScript transpiler that allows developers to use modern features (not supported in browsers) today
HTML5 - Markup language of the web pages
CSS3 - Cascading Style Sheets add style to web pages
Webpack - Modern web asset bundler (JavaScript, CSS and more)
SASS - Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. CSS Pre-processor
Bower - Frontend dependancy manager from Twitter
Browserify - JavaScript bundler
Twitter Bootstrap - Frontend UI library from Twitter
Zurb Foundation - Frontend UI library from Zurb


Nginx - Fast reverse proxy/web server
Python - High level programming language
NodeJS - Server-side JavaScript implementation
PostgreSQL - Object-Relational Database Management System
NPM - Server side dependancy management system
Docker - DevOps tool for building and running apps in a modularised and distributable way
Django - Python web application framework
Flask - Python web application micro-framework
Jinja - Python templating language
MariaDB - Open source Relational Database Managment System (compatible with MySQL)
MongoDB - Open source document-orientated database system commonly used with NodeJS
Linux - Open source kernal/operating system used on web servers
PHP - High level open source server-side programming/scripting language
Ubuntu - Popular distribution of the Linux operating system
ASP.NET - Microsoft development framework
Umbraco - CMS based on the ASP.NET framework